GOFAR unlocks your car’s potential, empowering you to drive your car smarter:

  • Save fuel (up to 15%) and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Stay in the sweet spot and stop burning money
  • Drive smart all the time keeping your family and society safer
  • Track all your car’s cost, trips, and your performance on your phone.

Empower your car with GOFAR. Smart choices change the world we live in.


Save on fuel

GoFar display keeps you driving in the sweet spot. Save up to 15% on fuel.

Log all your trips. Automagically

GOFAR reliably records each drive.  You don’t even need to press start or stop.

Easy to install

No mechanic needed.  Just download the app, then plug in and play!

Safe, real time feedback

Clear feedback as you drive.  No need to touch your phone.  Get home safe.

Drive down emissions

GOFAR tracks emissions and nudges you to a greener driving style

Meet “Ray”.
Your fuel saving buddy

Combining rocket-tracking technology and an award winning Formula One inspired design, GOFAR will change the way you drive.

Precise sensors constantly calculate your car’s sweetspot. Then simple feedback guides you there. Driving in the sweet spot saves fuel – which saves money and cuts emissions.